Eupora, Mississippi

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Garden of Aden

Yard Art Originals by Keith Aden  

Where a Tree Should Be
Branch Hangers (SHOWN ABOVE) – depending on number of branches and embellishments. 6' or taller.
$125.00 and up

Copper/Aluminum Feeders – depending on number of levels, perches and embellishments, from $105.00

 Keith's One-of-a-Kind Art
Copper and
Recycled Aluminum
Twisted and Hammered Into Working Art Forms

Whether at work as a Bird Feeder for a hummingbird, a finch or your everyday neighborhood bird, Keith's feeders and feeder branches do the job with a unique grace and style you don't usually find in your neighborhood garden store or nursery. Every piece is created with bird comfort and access in mind. The feeders and hangers include plenty of prime perches as well as functional touches such as holes for seed dust and water drainage.

No Welding, Soldering, Glue or Screws are Used.
Keith has an amazing ability to fashion his copper and aluminum creations into functional works of art, all without using a single weld, solder, glue spot or screw.

Keith is so in touch with both nature and the nature of his medium, that each piece is truly a work of art as well as art that works. Discuss your next original with Keith by calling him at

Finch Feeder
by Keith Aden

More custom work available. Keith also makes beautiful copper bottle trees, tealight hangers, candle sticks, wind chimes and bird baths, among other great items.

Bird Feeders

No two of Keith's Copper and Aluminum Bird Feeders are alike. Let these beauties age gracefully in your yard. Features may include multi-level pans, always plenty of perches and other unique touches. Again - no two are alike.

Wind Spinners

Here's a new twist in yard art. These rustic beauties twist and twirl in the wind. Perfect for gardens and to accentuate your landscaping. 

Trellis and Sculpture

Customize your garden entrance with a stunning copper trellis on which you can grow your favorite vining plant. Sculptures by Keith Aden may consist of anything from grapevines to insects.